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After discovering all the famous places of Rajasthan, and there are many, we were looking for something more “untouched”. We heard about Bundi as a nice peaceful town between Jaipur and Udaipur, and accessible by night train from Delhi.

Check list before leaving: train tickets, sleeping bag, camera, sun cream: all the basics!

Early morning, we arrived at the station and after a short rickshaw drive, we checked in our hotel, a very charming haveli that I forgot the name of L. After refreshing body and mind, we started our city tour with the beautiful Garh Palace staring at us from the top of the hill. What a nice visit, enjoying the a

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ll place almost by ourselves, discovering amazing paintings, mosaics, gardens. Sit, look and smile! History of the place is whispering to your ears. Far from us the idea of getting lazy, another monument is waiting for us: Taragarh fort. This beautiful Rajput fort is surrounded by gardens and water tanks. The view on the city below and the ramparts around is impressive. At that time, a museum was supposed to open soon, in order to show all the treasures and furniture that the fort was filled up with. Not sure that they decided to open it.

We went down to the town and rushed back to the hotel for lunch; that showed up 45 min after ordering it! As always, we need to be patient in travel India, things are happening only if you are ready to wait for it.


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After chatting with the hotel manager, we decided to hire bikes and drive around the city. A few water tanks are worth the visit, as well as the holly waterfall. We had a great fun watching at locals and Indian tourists playing and jumping in the water.

Happy and tired, we enjoyed the sunset on the hotel rooftop dreaming about royal times…

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