South of Sri Lanka Beaches : A weekend in paradise

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Sri Lankan Fishermen selling fish

Sri Lankan Fishermen selling fish

Lying in front of the sea, drinking coconut juices and milkshakes, could you imagine a better thing to chill out? For this 2 days trip, we’ve been in the South of Sri Lanka Beaches. Our first stop was in Weligama, a small village on the coast. Inhabitants of this town live mainly from fishing. If you stop for a while in front of the fishes barrows along the road, fishers will probably be very proud to show you their best captures! Strolling along the beach, you will see several colorful boats, highlighted with the blue of the sea.
From the beach you will also see Taprobane, a beautiful tiny island surrounded by the sea. It has been owned by the French Count de Mauny-Talvande.

After Weligama, we drive towards Mirissa, another beach, 4km further. This is a large and idyllic beach lined with coconut trees; ideal to relax or have a swim (nevertheless you need to be wise because the waves can be strong). You also have the possibility to learn surfing on these waves, which never go higher than 1 meter.  If you don’t practice, you can also admire surfers while you’re lying on the beach in a deckchair.

For those you are interested in wildlife, take the opportunity to leave early morning for a 3 hours boat excursion to see whales! It’s an amazing experience.

south of sri lanka beaches

Fishing boat in Weligama Sri Lanka

There are many restaurants along the beach, where you can enjoy a meal or a drink, with your feet almost in the sea. In the evening, some bands are playing music and you can dance until the sun rise… The landscape is so stunning that you don’t want to leave this place, but when you have to on Sunday evening, you just think of one thing: coming back!

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