Shop bargaining; one of the best things about travelling to Asia

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Whether travelling to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, or really any country in Asia, you will find local businesses where you can sneak in a bargain at your time of purchasing items. Something that was priced at 60 Malaysian Ringgit could be brought down to less than 15 Ringgit if the right technique is used.

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Here, in my experience, are the best techniques to bargain to get the best deal you can possible:

1. First of all, ask for the cost of the item. Feel free to examine the item to get an idea of its worth.

1. After, in your mind, create a price for the item that is reasonable for the salesman and for you. Then state a price that is somewhat lower than the charge you want.

2. Be confident when stating your pricing, or else the vender will take advantage of you. Be careful though! Taking the price absurdly low will show that you do not know the true value the item holds, and the salesman will have more control in deciding the price, rather than you.

3. Once the vender starts increasing the charge, take the pricing you initially started with and slowly make your way up towards the price you think the item is truly worth.

4. Once you get to the price you thought of before-hand, stop and refuse to increase the pricing. If the salesman agrees to the price, go ahead and buy the item. Do not change the price once it is settled, or else you will infuriate the salesperson. Now, if the salesman does not agree with the pricing, simply follow one of the techniques below.

The “Walk-Away Technique”- As soon as the salesman denies your pricing on the item, tell them “I can find the same item somewhere else for cheaper. Thank you,” and then walk away slowly. This way the salesman feels he is losing a good customer, and will run after you to offer you the item for your price. Believe it or not, this technique works almost every time, and is practiced by many, so don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

The “Sure, I’m Feeling Great Technique”- If you are in a good mood and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, go ahead and increase the pricing by however much you want.

5. Overall, make sure to not be too serious. Be firm to the salesman, but add some humor and be friendly during your conversation to get the salesman on your side.

Be open-minded, remembering that whatever pricing you want should be reasonable for the salesman as well. This is his job, and he must be able to get some sort of profit for personal expenses.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam- The Cho Ben Thanh Market

Down the halls of the old market

The night market in kuala lumpur

The night market in kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Visit the Night Market in the heart of Chinatown or the Jalan Petaling Market.

Colombo, Sri Lanka- The Pettah Market is bustling with energy. Come here for a once in a life time shopping experience like a local.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam- The Cho Ben Thanh Market

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam- The Cho Ben Thanh Market

Siem Riep, Cambodia- The Psar Cham Old Market has a large variety of products, but is full of tourists, so if you are looking for a challenging bargain, the Old Market is the place to go!

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam- The Cho Ben Thanh Market

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