Majestic Sri Lanka Wildlife in Yala

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Water buffaloes drinking water at the water point in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Water buffaloes drinking water

Apart from being an island with so many beaches, mountains and cultural sites to explore, Sri Lanka also hosts many national parks where you can enjoy wildlife and spot animals in their natural environment. Somebody told me that a successful Safari depends on two things: a good guide, and luck! I experienced it two weeks ago in Yala National Park, the largest park of the country located in the South East. You can see more animals if you visit the park early in the morning or in the late afternoon just before the sunset, because the heat is going down and animals are going to the water points to drink.

Leopard in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Leopard in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

At 5.30am, a jeep came to pick us up at our accommodation. Excited by the idea of doing the first safari of our life, we haven’t even felt the lack of sleep!  Let’s drive toward the national park! After a few minutes, we are already surrounded by beautiful wild landscapes. A few buffalos, birds, fox and other animals later, the luck seems to be with us! I have turned my head to the left and I have seen a leopard, majestically perched on a rock. We had the chance to admire it for a few minutes and we even saw two others leopards playing together! We finally had to leave them in order to go in another part of the park to see plenty of other animals such as monkeys, hinds or mongoose, but no elephants! This is ironic when you know that the elephant is the ultimate Sri Lankan animal! A few hours later, we came back to our hotel to enjoy a delicious breakfast. After this early morning safari, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon on the beach close by.

Wild mongoose roaming inside Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Wild mongoose roaming inside Yala

A Safari in Sri Lanka Wildlife is an unforgettable experience during which you admire the tranquility and the harmony of the animals living together. So take the opportunity to live it once in your life!

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