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That’s what I have experienced last week, a few hours North from Colombo, in a place called Kalpitiya.

Horse back Riding in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Horse back Riding in Kalpitiya Beach

 This area still remains a quiet place out of the main touristic attractions, but probably not for long. All along the 30km’s long road, you cross small villages stucked between the sea and the lagoon, where population lives peacefully from fishing. So far it has been my favorite place in Sri Lanka, and I have still not experienced half of its activities. Winter is perfect for dolphin and whales watching, snorkeling on the bar reef, while summer is ideal for kite surfing and windsurfing. But today is a story about horse riding…

Horse back Riding in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

After an early breakfast and a short drive on the bumpy roads of Puttalam lagoon, we reached the starting point of our ride. The Marwari horses were ready and impatient to gallop on the beach, so were we! Our guide Suranjith is leading the group towards the countryside; horses are full of energy, mine a bit too nervous when he suddenly decided to bring us into the bushes, running like crazy! It’s ok, I just have to control him, stay calm, and it’s probably because of the full moon… The ride is so nice at that time of the day, colors are bright, we can enjoy a colors trio of sea blue, sand yellow, jungle green. On the seaside we suddenly discover fishermen working together to bring back the net full of fish, singing Tamil songs to keep the same rhythm. Funny moment when both of the parties are staring at each other with curiosity. We continue our ride, enjoying a gallop time to time. After a short break to visit a church and give some water to the horses, we continue the ride between green paths and the beach. The best gallop is definitely the one we have in the sea, such a freedom feeling!

Horse back Riding in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Horse back Riding in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

It’s passed noon and time to end up this fabulous morning. Everybody is invited to jump in the sea for a swim, horses and humans together.

It was such an exciting experience; I cannot wait for another ride, maybe in the middle of tea plantations next time.

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