Indian Himalayas – a traveller talk to us

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  • Where is Ladakh?
    • Ladakh is a region located in Himalayas, on the north part of India. It is part of Jammu Kashmir state.
  • What is the best time to travel?
    Ladakh Buddha

    Ladakh Buddha

    • Best time is from May to September, during Spring and Summer, when temperatures are nice and chilled. That is also the only season when you can access Ladakh by road, after snow has melted.
  • What are the main places to see?
    • There is so much to see that it is difficult to describe in a few lines. What I would say after travelling 2 times there, is that you can find places to see according to your taste and hobbies. You are adventurous, go for trekking, rafting or mountain biking. You like culture, visit the monastries such as lamayuru, likir, alchi, and if you plan it well you can see a festival in one of them.  You are “lazy” or don’t have much time to travel, go on jeep safari to the famous lakes such a Tso Kar, Pangong lake.
  • Why would you recommend this region?
    • Trekking is definitely the best way to discover the region and enjoy landscapes. 2 important points here: you need to be fit, and you need a minimum of 10 days in Ladakh to enjoy a few days trek.
Ladakh City

Ladakh City

  • What has been your favorite place or excursion?
    • I think Tso Moriri has been the best. Once you reach that lake, the landscapes are just breath taking. Different scales of blue with grey hills. And the drive to reach Tso Moriri has been really amazing, meeting nomads’ tribes, spotting marmots and yaks. I have been dreaming of seeing yaks and I achieved it in Ladakh.
  • Any anecdote?
    • We spent one night in a fixed camp near Tso Kar. The night has been so cold that toilets were frozen the next morning. That day I learned that I need to travel with a better sleeping bag!

 Interview done by Rajitha

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