Back to the past: Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

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Last weekend, we have experienced a “back to the past” in the middle of Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka. This vast site is a UNESCO World Heritage. An ideal way to visit it is to rent bicycles and to ride among the ruins, but you can also circulate by car. In this place full of history, it could be interesting to come with a guide who will explain you everything and tell you some anecdotes. That is what we have experienced.

Polonnaruwa ruins of the council chamber

Polonnaruwa ruins of the council chamber

Polonnaruwa is an extensive site where kings, Buddhist and Hindus used to live together. It was the island medieval capital between the 11th and the 13th centuries. Surrounded by these ancient ruins, you can easily imagine how life was there centuries ago. We have visited the ruins of a palace, which has been destroyed and burned by the Indians. At some places of the palace, the walls are less damaged and you can guess what the architecture used to be.

You can also visit the ruins of the Council Chamber, and stand where the king’s throne was or where “Ministers” used to seat.

Hatadage Monument, Quadrangle, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Hatadage Monument, Quadrangle, Polonnaruwa

In my opinion, the most impressive place of these ancient ruins is definitely the Quadrangle. It is constituted of different monuments. One of them is called the “Hatadage”, a beautiful and impressive sanctuary dedicated to Buddha. The story says that a relic of Buddha’s tooth used to be placed in this monument for a while before being stolen. People told me that at that time, whoever had the tooth was legitimately considered as the king of Sri Lanka.

I really loved this visit! In the middle of all these ruins, I was feeling thinking about “One thousand and one stories” that could have happened there! There is so much to say about this place, so the best thing you could do is probably to visit it!

Rankot vihara buddhist stupa in Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

Rankot vihara buddhist stupa in Polonnaruwa

PS:  According to our guide, during the construction of Rankot Vihara (the largest Buddhist stupa), they placed something inside the stupa and closed all its entrances. Nobody knows what is really inside: perhaps there is a treasure, perhaps there is nothing… This is all the magic of this story!

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