A Voyage to the Kingdom of Kandy – Famous Cities of Sri Lanka

Train ride to Kandy Sri Lanka

Train ride to Kandy Sri Lanka

As a Sri Lankan, I know my country quite well, but I always have new places to discover. This time we wanted to discover Kandy, one of the most famous cities of Sri Lanka.

I and three of my friends went on a day trip. We planned to take the train to Kandy, so we had our booking made three weeks in advance just to make sure that we had window seats reserved in order to explore the magnificent surroundings on the way.

A friend of mine told me that taking the train is the best way to get to Kandy and he is absolutely right. On our way we observed the spectacular views over the mountains & the air was so fresh and cool, it was fantastic.

So we got to the legendary hill city around 9.30 am, and we walked to the temple of the Tooth, as we wanted to explore the city on our way to the temple. We saw great things & the market place is amazing: they have fruit stalls, fancy shops & many more. We also observed the Kandy Lake which was very beautiful.

Temple of the tooth relic, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Temple of the tooth relic, Kandy

When we reached the temple of the Tooth, it was magnificent. It is a great cultural site for Buddhists since it houses the relic of the tooth of Lord Buddha. Lots of Buddhist pilgrims come & visit this site especially during the “Esala Perahera season”, where the tooth relic will be taken out of the castle in a pageant. This happens during July or August depending on the moon calendar. We also went to the Museum to observe the relics found during the Kandian era & British colonial era, there were also some beautiful jewelries among the relics.

Later on, we went to one of ours relations place to have lunch, so we took a “three wheeler (Tuk Tuk)” to reach the place. The lunch was great since it was traditional Sri Lankan dishes & we enjoyed the meal and had a nice chat. Unfortunately, it was already time to head back home.

Picture inside the Kandy temple

Picture inside the Kandy temple

We wished we had some more time to spend in Kandy, though we knew that our journey has come to an end. So we got into the bus to head back home keeping the memories of this beautiful journey in our minds & hearts.

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